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VHRS: The bane or boon of Tahoe Life?

There's absolutely no doubt that Vacation Home Rentals in Tahoe are indeed a hot topic. Want to get filled in on the latest news in regard to regulations? Read below!

Important Notice regarding pending changes to City's VHR ordinance


On October 3rd after a full day of presentations, public comment and Council deliberations, 3 members - Austin Sass, Wendy David and Jason Collin - came to consensus to direct staff to draft changes to the existing VHR ordinance to enact an overall cap to limit VHR permits to 1400, as well as establish a 150 foot minimum distance standard in residential areas. This means that a subject property would only be able to obtain a VHR permit if there were no other VHRs within 150 feet from the property line.

  The City expects to have the first reading of the new ordinance October 17th with the second reading and adoption on November 7th.  30 days later the ordinance would go into effect. From now until then, with the required zoning administrator hearing process, only about 45 more permits are likely to be granted. There were 110 permit applications in process as of October 3rd. 



  • Home owner associations may apply for a variance from the distance rule but would still be subject to the overall cap limitation. They must vote for this in accordance to their governing documents.
  • Housing units within the Tourist Core (areas where TAUs are allowed) would be exempt from these rules.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This has not passed and is not law... yet. The final vote by the Council members is set for November 7th.



Below, list some of the Pro's & Con's of the newly proposed VHR Regulations:

  • VHRs may just  go underground or owners will find a loop hole to the rules
  • Restore the safety and sanctity of our neighborhoods. 
  • Improve quality of life for residential neighborhoods
  • Eliminate trash, noise, and violation issues
  • Restore the culture and dignity of our local neighborhoods
  • They city will still have enforcement responsibility for nuisance issues but will not receive TOT (transient occupancy tax) to fund that effort
  • Residents will still be effected 
  • Illegal rentals are incredibly difficult to shut down if the owner persists after notices and fines
  • The City is not taking the results of its Socio economic study into account
  • Incoming tax dollars from tourism will decline, causing a reduction to revenue to the City, impacting services such as police, fire, snow removal, parks & recreation.  Historically this means increased taxes for local residents.
  • Today's vacationers choose to stay in homes, not hotels. 
  • Expected impact on our primary industry, tourism, as attrition occurs and there are fewer VHRs
  • Impact on jobs -- all parts of the tourism industry -- restaurant servers, house cleaners, repair people
  • Impact on small business owners who rely on tourists -- even medical professionals and car repair people rely on the extra part-time population that tourism brings



Austin Sass


[email protected] 


Wendy David


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Jason Collin


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Brooke Laine 


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Susan Alessi, City Clerk

1901 Airport Road

South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150


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